Giving these sunny rentals a worthy home at Blancasol

Case study

Giving these sunny rentals a worthy home at Blancasol

Giving these sunny rentals a worthy home at Blancasol


Blancasol are the owners of two lovely rental apartments in the south of Spain. In order to let people find their apartments and inquire to rent them, they needed a brand and website to start showcasing the rentals. They wanted a website where people could find more details on these two apartments as well as photos and the available data to rent. Besides the website, some informational flyers were made that they could hand out.

UI Design
A logo comparison before and after.


For the logo we decided to mainly go for a wordmark and really focus on typography as the main stylistic element of their branding. In addition, a little line icon was introduced, symbolising the sun and summer, that can be used in combination with the wordmark or on its own.We’ve decided to go for a softer colour palette to fit the summer vibe.

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web design & development

The overall design of the website was kept very simple and clean. We didn’t want to distract users too much and actually focus on the three things the site actually needed to accomplish:

1. Immediately create a distinction between the two apartments

2. Showcase all the necessary information in a clear way

3. Provide an easy way to make a reservation

The web development for the website was done in Webflow, making it easy to manage and update the site. Airtable and Zapier are used to handle the form and reservations, creating a clear and easy-to-use overview of all the reservations as well as providing a calendar view to see which dates are still available.

Homepage design
Homepage design
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Giving these sunny rentals a worthy home at Blancasol

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