Going authentic for Mini Italia Market

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Going authentic for Mini Italia Market

Going authentic for Mini Italia Market


Mini Italia Market is a local supermarket that specializes in Italian products, such as fresh pasta, cured meats, cheeses, and other authentic Italian ingredients. The owners of the market themselves are originally from Italy and are passionate about sharing their love for Italian cuisine with their customers.

Pain points

When taking a look at the old website of Mini Italia Market, we determined a couple of pain points:

  1. The website had a generic feel and didn’t reflect the authenticity and charm of the physical store.
  2. The images used on the site were outdated and also featured some stock photography.
  3. Besides the default contact form, there was no way to get some more information on a specific product or to make an order.
UI Design
A logo comparison before and after.


The branding for Mini Italia Market received a slight update to make it more optimised for digital solutions. A new colour palette was defined to convey the authenticity of the Italian store. The typography is a combination of both a clean sans serif font for the body copy and a beautiful serif font for the titles. In addition, we included a handwritten font to highlight certain words as a way of making the experience feel very personal and real.

Logo iconLogo wordmarkStationary mockupTypographyColors
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web design & development

The new website now has a completely different look and vibe. It’s a more calm environment that allows the visuals to shine.

We made new photos to showcase the store itself, as well as some of the products they offer and the people that work there. This ensures that the store looks authentic and is run by passionate people.

In addition to a general contact page, we added a couple of forms with the sole purpose to allow customers to place an order for the specialised services that Mini Italia Market offers.

The web development for the website was done in Webflow, making it easy to manage and update the site.

Homepage design
Homepage design
Scroll through the design
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Going authentic for Mini Italia Market

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